Terry Lee,

CEO of BigHead Entertainment Inc. a streaming service and Heaven 99.7 our global radio portal. I have over 40 years in the music business as a record executive. Of all the things I have done in my life, music has always been my passion. Singing in church choirs, singing duets on street corners with my buddies and writing song lyrics was beginning of my journey.  Right out of college I moved to Detroit, Michigan and was heavy influenced by the Motown Sound, which inspired me to move to Los Angeles, California. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, I started Big Head Entertainment, Inc. (BHE). 

I met Ron Cothrine, an Executive of Capitol Records. He soon became an executive for BHE. His years of experience and vast contacts helped to get BHE off the ground. Not only did he help negotiate a contract with Capitol Records for BHE, he brought several legendary blues labels to BHE.Internet and social media have changed how music is broadcasted and distributed. BHE has adapted by expanding its footprint to include global TV (BHE TV) and radio (Heaven 99.7) live streaming events.  Recently, I have been refining the lyrics to many of my songs and working with musicians to produce demos so that I can put the songs on the market for sale and distribution. Additionally, BHE is looking for content and collaboration with a strong songwriting team to produce music in all music genres that will be broadcasted on BHE’s global network.


“Unlike all the other art forms, film is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it, almost to possess it in infinity.

I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.”


 Rasheed Lateef

VP of Production at Bighead Entertainment Inc. I came to Los Angeles in 1986 I dove into television and film.  I worked on Stephen Cannell’s successful series “US Customs Classified” that's were I excelled and wanted to learn all about production.  I built my solid relationships with many contacts in music, television & film on many projects. Streaming came onto the scene, so a few partners and I joined together to build a television / streaming portal company. I used my production, marketing and business knowledge to helped build their brand to 170,000.000 viewership.  I worked as Program Manager, Lead Editor, Music Supervisor,  Lead Control Room Tech, Archives Administration Director.

I mentored and taught all the young talented producers and editors in pre/post and live production.


Terry and I got together through a very good friend Brienn Perry who was on Terry's record label. I knew right then we had something very special so we decided to start our streaming service and global radio portal Heaven 99.7.


We bring 5 decades or more of music entertainment and video production experience at BHE's global network.