BHE is about to distribute a new series of Black Film Festival releases.  Feature films in a variety of genres created and directoed by black film makers will soon be available through the distribution streams of BHE. 



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Pierre Jackson stars: Trae Ireland, Brian Hooks, Dawn HalfkennyChrystee Pharris , Marquita Goings, Ebony Byrd, Simeon Henderson, Lem Collins, Kendra G Gilliams, Caniel Oliver, Shuntella Richardson, Tracy Springs, Katherine "Ladie K" Mraz. Directed By: Christopher A. Nolen, Written By: Bridget Williams

Miles Away - Version 2.jpg

Michael DeVeaux (a.k.a MD) was a man gifted with an abundance of talents. Reared by an extraordinarily successful entrepreneurial father and a stay-at-home Mom, MD was provided every opportunity to positively grow, and to refine through training and practice, his varied interests. And so he did. Flitting from art to engineering and from philosophy and debate to athletics with equal skill and much-needed accolades, music becomes his Achilles heel - the one area of his life in which excellence fails to transform into greatness. Yet, of all the presents in the basket of gifts assigned to him by the universe, it is music which resides in his soul. It is the be-bop tunes of jazz-runs that intrigue his spirit. But, it is also being an A- when compared to his idol, the celebrity and historic figure Miles Davis, that ruptures his spirit and consumes his life force. It is this ultimate tension between his musical dreams and his competitiveness with a dead legend that ultimately destroys his life. Yes, Michael DeVeaux is a talented and accomplished trumpeter, but when compared with the man whose pedestal he seeks to topple, Michael DeVeaux is…Miles Away. Set within the City of Los Angeles, in the present, this story of gifts gone silent, and brilliant minds twisted into spectacle for a watching world's entertainment, MILES AWAY strips away the glamour from a jazz musician’s life and reminds music lovers everywhere of the true price that we, the public, demand of those whose fluid sounds calm our minds and spirits.